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Feeding Support in Babies with a Speech Pathologist

  • Are you facing challenges while feeding your baby?

  • Does your baby experience colic, reflux, arching, or discomfort during feeds?

  • Have you already visited a lactation consultant but still struggling to feed your baby?


In such cases, you can seek assistance from a Speech Pathologist who can conduct a functional feeding assessment to identify if there are any lip, buccal, or tongue ties that may be impacting feeding. We can help you by performing stretching exercises to coordinate the tongue, jaw, and cheek muscles, which can help retrain your baby's mouth to feed both before and after surgery.


Signs and

  • Consistent clicking noise during feeds, indicating a repeated loss of suction

  • Inefficient, long feeds resulting in exhaustion and frustration

  • Leaking of milk from sides of mouth from a poor latch

  • Air intake due to a disrupted seal leading to reflux/colic symptoms and gas pain

  • Snoring

  • Open mouth breathing 

  • Wakeful sleep

  • Tongue rests low in mouth/out of mouth

  • Nipple pain/damage due to a shallow latch

  • Bouts of mastitis

  • Decreasing milk supply


Occupational Therapy Assessment

Frequently, tongue and lips ties are accompanied by limitations in range of motion, tense or lax body tone, torticollis, sensory motor difficulties, and asymmetries in physical development.


An occupational therapist can assist with bodywork pre and post frenectomy surgery and assist with tolerance being held, transitioning from being held to crib, self-regulating and reduce fussiness, tummy time, and massage.

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